Your Rheum is born!

Hi everyone,

So we had our first meeting last month in Manchester and had a great time kicking the group off with some introductions and discussions on how we want the group to run in the future.

One thing we discussed was giving ourselves a new name so that we can be recognised easily. We had a load of suggestions including some reality tv inspired ones with ‘strictly rheum’, Rheum Factor’ and, my personal favourite, ‘Britain’s got Rheum!’. However, the winning name, as voted by the group was….drum roll please….

Your Rheum


So now we have a new name we need a new logo! This is my (slightly uninspiring) 10 minute creation that we have currently on our Twitter page….

Avatar 2.png

I’m sure we all agree that this can be improved! 🙂

This is a great chance to use your creative design skills to produce something that will be displayed nationally – if anyone is pursuing a creative career path, this would be a brilliant opportunity to add something to your portfolio of work.

If you would like to submit a design please email it to me by 30th November 2016, at :




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