The LUNA project 

The LUNA Project is an organisation that seeks to support and raise awareness of young people with chronic illnesses, disabilities, and long-term health conditions. We believe a key way to do this is friendship. We want to empower young people with disabilities to talk to their friends and peers about their disability and the ways their friends could support them, and to equip able-bodied young people with the tools to support their peers and friends with disabilities.

We also push for wider awareness, because we believe that a world which recognises young people with disabilities is the first step in a world that works for young people and disabilities. Hand in hand with this goes providing the right information and tools – both to disabled and able-bodied young people – which can be seen in our work with workshops, resources, and our blog.


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RAiISE is an organisation inspired by the negative experiences that young people face while studying and living with invisible illnesses. Many young people who live with invisible illnesses look no different to their healthy peers – yet face a significant amount of difficulties as a result of their health conditions. The aim of RAiISE is to improve the support provided to young people with invisible illnesses in school, college and university, through delivering resources to education professionals. RAiISE also offers informal support to young people with invisible illnesses, helping to empower young people to take control.

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