There are many fantastic benefits to being part of Your Rheum including:

  • A unique opportunity to have regular and consistent input into rheumatology research that directly affects you, other young people with a rheumatology condition and those who might be affected in the future
  • An opportunity to meet other young people with rheumatology conditions – taking part in these groups is a great opportunity to make contacts and friends with other young people with shared experiences of rheumatic conditions.
  • Helping to increase the profile and awareness of rheumatology conditions in young people
  • Showing researchers the value of involving young people within their studies so hopefully encouraging greater involvement in future research
  • Training on how the health and medical research process works and the role of advisory groups
  • A great activity to put on job applications, UCAS forms or other applications
  • Opportunity to get a reference from the Group Facilitators
  • Gift vouchers to compensate you for your time