As a Researcher what do I need to consider when working with the Group?

  • The Group consists of members aged between 11-24 years, therefore you should consider what kind of activity would be suitable to bring to the group e.g. consider how you would like to introduce and describe your study and involvement activity, what language/jargon is appropriate to use.
  • Have a clear aim of what you would like to achieve from working with the Group – this aim can be shared with the Group so they can have a greater understanding of what the outputs of their efforts should be.
  • As with all research user groups, there are certain limitations on Group members’ time and availability, therefore you should consider the amount of time needed to complete your proposed activity. Activities that require substantial time investment may not be feasible. We recommend using sites like “Survey Monkey” for your activity instead of long-chunky text.
  • The Group will meet around twice a year face-to-face to take part in research involvement activities. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to facilitate face-to-face meetings. We have temporarily replaced these with virtual zoom meetings, which we host roughly every 2 months. The Group will also be available  virtually either online or via the phone. The Group organisers will decide whether your activity will be completed during a face-to-face meeting or virtually. This will be based on your deadlines compared to meeting dates, the type of activity, the  time needed to complete the task and who you need to take part.
  • All opportunities presented to the Group organisers by researchers will be considered, however please be aware priority will be given to the following:
    • BANNAR funded projects
    • BANNAR members
    • Multi-site projects
  • While the Group Organisers will try to meet specific needs they cannot guarantee young people of specific ages or locations will be involved in your activity. If you have specific requirements we suggest you contact the Group Organisers  to discuss your needs further.
  • To encourage further participation and to ensure our members feel valued, we ask that all researchers provide feedback on the results of the study and/or the impact the Group’s activities have had on the research project.


It is important to note that the Group is not intended for the following: 

  • To be a source of recruitment for research studies – although our members may decide to be involved in studies,  this is not the purpose of the Group and so should not be the aim for involving the Group in your research. In some cases participation in a study may even prevent a Group Member from being involved in the Group activities due to conflicting interests.
  • To be used as a resource to obtain funding only – although we appreciate PPI is an important element of obtaining funding, we want the Group to work alongside researchers in a partnership to benefit all parties.

To get in touch about a research opportunity for the group, or if you would just like more information please visit our Contact page.