How and When does the Group Meet?

There are two elements to the Group:


Face to Face Meetings

The Group will have face-to-face meetings twice a year which will last between 2-3 hours. The meetings may be held in different locations across the UK to ensure that as many members as possible can attend at least one meeting.

Members who are unable to attend the meetings in person may be able to join the meetings over the telephone or by Skype. As many of the activities that the Group will do will be interactive it may not be possible to follow along over the telephone. The Group organisers, can advise you about this.

Members who attend the face-to-face meetings will have their travel expenses paid and will also receive compensation for their time in gift vouchers.

COVID-19 Measures

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to facilitate face-to-face meetings. We have temporarily replaced these with virtual zoom meetings, which we host roughly every 2 months. During the meeting, we present 1-2 projects, each lasting around 30 minutes plus the time for discussion. We are still able to offer online activities!

Virtual Group/Online Network

There will also be lots of opportunities to get involved outside of the face-to-face meetings online. This means if you are unable to come to the face-to-face meetings you can still be actively involved in the Group and take advantage the benefits being part of the group offers. See Benefits of being part of the Group for more information.

The Your Rheum Facebook Group will be the main point of contact with members, as well as the website blog. The Facebook group is a closed group meaning any discussions within the group will be private and you will need to ask to be added to the Group. This is to ensure the Group discussions are confidential. The Facebook group will be used to post information about online opportunities and conduct some of the activities.

There is also a Group Twitter page where we will post news about the Group and other events, activities or stories you might find interesting. Follow us now //“>@YourRheum

Both the Face-to-face meetings and the Online network have a set of rules and safety guidelines in place that you will need to read before joining.

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