How can researchers work with the Group?

Your Rheum is a UK-wide Young Persons Advisory group of people aged 11-24 years who have volunteered to provide their thoughts, ideas and opinions on current adolescent and young adult rheumatology research.

The priority of the Group is for work funded through BANNAR or for researchers who are members of BANNAR. There may be some capacity to work with researchers outside of BANNAR and so we ask all researchers to get in touch to discuss their projects further.

The Group can help you with all stages of your research project from generating research questions, inputting into grant application, through to evaluating the impact of your research. The work of the Group is classed as Public and Patient Involvement (PPI).

Examples of activities that you may ask the Group to get involved in are:

  • Shaping your research question – is the research you are conducting relevant to young people? If so, how high a priority is it?
  • Examining patient/ethics information – how clear are these documents, are they suitable for who you are targeting, how could they be improved?
  • Define outcome measures– are those you have selected fully measurable? Do they have meaning to the young people’s lives?
  • Creating a recruitment strategy – what are the best routes to find the people you would like to participate in your study?
  • Interpretation of results– are you interpreting your study findings in the correct way, would young people interpret them differently?
  • Presentation of findings – produce patient-friendly summaries of results
  • Implementation – Devising strategies to get research results implemented
  • Evaluation– Provide feedback on the relevance and validity of your study to help improve future research

We believe in a collaborative approach between the Group and Research and so you will engage the Group as a partner.

Please read our Considerations for Working with the Group page for more information.

You can submit a request to work with the Group by completing a form, download here BANNAR YPAG Researcher Information Pack V5.0 and returning it to:

To get in touch about a research opportunity for the group, or to speak to a Group Organiser visit our Contact page.

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