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WORD Day 2021: 18th March

WORD Day (World Young Rheumatic Diseases Day) is fast approaching and is your opportunity to raise awareness and knowledge that children and young people get rheumatic diseases too! Join in with this international day and share your stories, take part in events or simply share the WORD Day 2021 logo/posters and raise awareness.

Links to various events / things to take part in are below.

WORD Day toolkits (including promotional material)


Join with their WORD Day campaign

Versus Arthritis: Supporting every young person with arthritis UPDATE!

The video below presents an update on the progress we are making towards reaching more children and young people with arthritis and are very excited to share this with you. In this video we will cover areas of the charities work including our Young People and Families service; our Young Person’s Advisory Panel and their work to help shape our strategy; working with ‘Young Experts’ using an innovative online research platform to co-create our health information and content; research and much more. View the video here

Visit Planet DIVOC-19

A new digital comic has been launched by Vocal that explores a pandemic. It includes articles from members of Voice Up, Manchester’s Young Person’s Research Advisory Group.

Planet DIVOC-19 is a huge collaborative effort with stories and artwork from acclaimed comic creators and the involvement of researchers from a wide range of disciplines. The first expert interviewed by the young people was the Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Sir Patrick Vallance.

The comic is a sci-fi satire in which all young adults between the age of 16-25 have been transported to a new planet because earth is at risk of an extinction level event. In the first chapter, 23 year old Sanda discovers that she’s been moved to safety by the Board of Adversity Scientists for Intergalactic Leadership’ (BASIL), led by a charismatic and fearsome alien named Ardo…

Find out more on our website and see the brilliant trailer here!

The LUNA project 

The LUNA Project is a charity that seeks to support and raise awareness of young people with chronic illnesses, disabilities, and long-term health conditions. We believe a key way to do this is friendship. We want to empower young people with disabilities to talk to their friends and peers about their disability and the ways their friends could support them, and to equip able-bodied young people with the tools to support their peers and friends with disabilities.

We also push for wider awareness, because we believe that a world which recognises young people with disabilities is the first step in a world that works for young people and disabilities. Hand in hand with this goes providing the right information and tools – both to disabled and able-bodied young people – which can be seen in our work with workshops, resources, and our blog.



Twitter – @theLUNAprojectt

Instagram – thelunaprojectuk


Young people aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow. They have the energy, skills and ideas to change society and environment for the better today. We must support and empower them to be active citizens, both now and in the future.

The #iwill campaign wants to make participation in social action the norm for young people under 20.

Resources for additional support

Versus Arthritis – The leading UK funder of research into the cause, treatment and cure of arthritis and care working with and for all people with arthritis.

**Arthritis trackers** take a look here

Lupus UK  – national charity helping people with lupus.

JIA @ NRAS –  provide information and support for people with  juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), their families, friends and carers.

Arthur’s Place -A magazine and social network for young adults with rheumatic conditions where you can find facts about arthritis, helpful tips and tools for dealing with everyday life, wellness guides, handpicked apps and real life stories.

Resources to help understand research

Understanding Health  Research – a tool for making sense of health studies. It also has lots of useful information such as how to read a scientific paper and how to judge if health information is credible.

NHS Choices: Behind the Headlines – Behind the Headlines provides an unbiased analysis of health stories that make the news, to help you understand the meaning behind them.

HRA research approval process explained in a 2 minute animation.


Resources about research involvement

Youtube video of The SickKids Children’s Council speaking about  the right to give an opinion, for adults to listen, and to be taken seriously.

What do young people with rheumatic conditions in the UK think about research involvement? A qualitative study – A recent publication exploring young people’s thoughts and opinions on involvement in research.

Models of good practice when involving young people in health-related research – tool for researchers and health professionals.

Resources on Genomics

Are you interested in learning more about DNA and DNA research? If so, the below links might be useful to you, especially the first link to a YouTube video.